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Carbonates & Oxides

Trinity Ceramic Supply Offers many dry materials in 1#, 5#, and 10# increments. Mosts materials come to us in 50# bags. Click on the links below to find the chemicals you need and the increments that you wish to purchase.

Warning! Some materials may be toxic or contain silica. Use an approved respirator when working with dry chemicals. Always keep materials out of reach of children.

Alumina Oxide, AC-2


Barium Carbonate, Type FF

New Discounted Price


Chrome Green Oxide


Cobalt Carbonate

New Discounted Price


Cobalt Oxide


Copper Carbonate


Copper Oxide Black


Iron Oxide Black


Iron Oxide Red


Lithium Carbonate


Magnesium Carbonate


Manganese Dioxide


Strontium Carbonate


Tin Oxide


Titanium Dioxide


Yellow Ochre


#10 Whiting (Calcium Carb.)


Zinc Oxide maximo 946